YouTuber ‘Rants’ quits ‘The United Stand’ after claiming Manchester United are racist!

Rants Bants. image credit: London Le Cool

Today was an extraordinary day in the world of YouTube as one of its football YouTubers called ‘Rants’ resigned from his presenting job with popular channel ‘The United Stand.’ His move comes shortly after he claimed that Manchester United were anti-black for appointing manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer while being a guest on another YouTube football show.

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‘RANTS’ who individually has his own YouTube channel called ‘Rants N Bants’ has almost 40,000 subscribers but he also held a presenting role of well-known channel ‘The United Stand’ which has over 700,000 subscribers until earlier on today.

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Controversial character ‘Rants’ unbelievably claimed that Manchester United were anti-black for appointing manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer just because he was white. He then followed up his shocking comment by saying Solskjaers CV was never good enough for managing Manchester United even though he is a United legend and was highly recommended to the Manchester United board by none other than respected former manager Sir Alex Ferguson, so did ‘Rants’ indirectly claim that Sir Alex is personally anti-black too..?

It is claimed that the owner of ‘The United Stand’ channel Mark Goldbridge moved quickly after an immediate social media outrage after the controversial comments were made and as a result ‘Rants’ quickly removed his position with ‘The United Stand’ from all his social media profiles.

Once that happened Mark Goldbridge then threatened legal action against another channel who simply just reported on the story.

This all comes after two weekends of violent racial clashes in London which is coincidently Rants’ home city and there’s no doubt that we haven’t heard the last of this story as surely there will be future legal action if both sides continue with their present positions.

Written by Adam Brown


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