WATCH: Stranded Shark Swimming on the Shore of Costa del Sol’s Benalmadena


A SHARK which was left stranded and swimming on the shores of Costa del Sol’s Benalmadena on Saturday attracted a crowd, as some beachgoers even tried stroking the bewildered animal.

Nature has slowly but surely been taking back control of its environment and in the sea, this is no different.


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The 1.70m shark was sighted on Saturday at the Malapesquera Beach in Benalmadena near the Triton Hotel.

This specific creature was a male blue shark which is typically found in Malaga’s seas, just never this close to the shore.

They helped the shark, who was obviously in a frantic state, to try and find its way back to the deep sea. However, shortly after swimming into the ocean, he swam back to the shore once again and the lifeguards had to repeat the whole operation.

A shark expert explains that “nothing should happen” when swimming with a blue shark in the deep sea, however, they are attracted to “bait and blood.” In order to know “if something is edible or not, they have to bite” he explains. So best keeping an eye out when taking a dip!


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