More than 5,000 sun seekers flock to Benidorm’s beaches on first day of long-awaited reopening

Busy Beaches: Spain set to launch operation summer Credit: Yates/Benidorm The Facegroup Page

More than 5,000 sun seekers flocked to Benidorm’s beaches on the first day of reopening since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

MAYOR Toni Pérez said: “Five thousand people on the first day of beach, one fifth of the total capacity of the operation designed, is a good balance.”

He praised the people of Benidorm for adapting to a new a system “newly implemented and far from the operation of just 100 days ago, which have created desire for the beach.”

He described the experience as “very good” and said that “the process will be improved; it will be changing according to the regulations.”


Sixty lifeguards along with ushers are monitoring the beaches and designated while foot washers are in operation and accessibility has been improved “to provide guarantees, hygiene and cleanliness,” said Pérez.

In response to questions from the media, he stressed that “on the beaches there are about 1,000 fewer hammocks than three months ago” and that “we will continue to adjust the situation according to demand after analysing the situation at each moment.

“Benidorm is working to offer the best opportunities on its beaches in a situation like the one we are going through, and we will go through a process to address improvements.”

Today, the mayor toured Poniente beach with President of the Provincial Council, Carlos Mazon, 24 hours after the long-awaited restrictions were lifted to the delight of thousands of beachgoers.

Pérez said he welcomed the chance to discuss the reactivation of tourism in Benidorm with the provincial council leader, and “to be able to transfer the image of a safer destination, with safer beaches for everyone” assuring residents and tourists “they will have a place to enjoy fully.”

Praising the council on its efforts to safeguard the beach and its users, Mazon, said: “The whole province has done its homework, and we are the province with the most Blue Flags in Spain, three of which are in Benidorm in its beaches of Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas.

“This summer is going to be very different and changes have been necessary to conform the security recommendations in accessible beaches, beaches with Blue Flags and safe beaches, that will help us to transfer a confidence message to the markets, thinking already in positive evolutions for the second half of the summer,” said Mazon.


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