“Lover boy” under arrest in Macael for trying to sexually exploit foreign women on Spain’s Costa Almeria

DUPED: The 56-year old duped the women with false promises of marriage and a better life. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

POLICE arrested a 56-year old man in Macael for trying to sexually exploit at least four women after fooling them into believing he was madly in love with them.

He duped the women via the internet using what police described as the “lover boy” method. He fed them all sorts of promises about getting them legal status in Spain, material comforts, marriage and a better life.

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But once they got together with the 56-year old they found out it was all hogwash.

One of his victims, a Colombian, told police the 56-year old had used deception, emotional blackmail and even force to keep her trapped at home against her will. He took away her passport and kept a complete control over everyone she had contact with.

Then there came the moment when he asked her to go to a ‘swinging’ venue, where couples swap partners, in Almeria. Her refusal was met with threats before he kicked her out the house they shared.

The police investigation revealed that the individual identified as B.L.P. had put at least three other women through a similar ordeal.

He now faces a series of charges, including using people for the purposes of sexual exploitation, abetting illegal immigration and coercion.


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