Brits Eager to Get to Costa Blanca This Summer and Search for Alternative Travel Routes to Benidorm

Eager Brits: Tourists are eager to find alternative travel to Costa Blanca CREDIT: Zarateman

The Brits who were left stranded in the UK with cancelled or postponed flights are now eager to get back to Costa Blanca this summer and have been searching for alternative travel routes to reach their favourite destination – Benidorm.

Many British tourists were left disappointed after their long-awaited holiday to Spain’s Costa Blanca was cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

Now that there is more clarity in regard to when Brits can return to Benidorm, people have been looking for alternative forms of travel.

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The airline industry has been heavily hit by the health crisis, but it has also suffered severe reputational damage. Many of the refunds which, legally, must be provided to those with cancelled flights are nowhere to be seen.

Flights have been cancelled, postponed, and cancelled yet again with an array of different airlines and the thought of travelling in a cramped poorly ventilated aeroplane has been seriously putting tourists off.

Some faithful tourists are even considering swapping the 2.30-hour flight for a 21-hour drive from London to Costa Blanca instead of risking complications on a plane.

Others have opted for the Plymouth to Santander ferry and some Brits are even considering getting the EuroStar from London to Paris and Paris to Barcelona until reaching Alicante.


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