Andalucia’s Tourism Minister Urges Tourists to Get Tested Before They Come to Spain’s Costa del Sol

Andalucia's Vice President Juan Marin says its reasonable to ask tourists to get a test before they come to Spain. CREDIT: Juan Marin Facebook @JuanMarin_Cs

Andalucia’s Vice President and Tourism Minister Juan Marín urges holidaymakers to have a Covid-19 test before coming to destinations like the Costa del Sol, in a press conference yesterday.

WHILE temperature controls will be carried out at airports, as well as other public transport services, “the sensible and reasonable thing is for tourists to have a test before travelling,” stated Marín. This provides everyone with “the sufficient guarantees” to ensure the virus isn’t being spread. He also pointed out the need for a “passport or health card to guarantee the safety of all Europeans.”

Andalucia will do its part to ensure that everyone’s safety on the beach is guaranteed, he added. As well as investing €34.5 million to make its Costa del Sol beaches ‘Safe’ for holidaymakers as reported, it’s also ensuring that all tourism professionals are Covid-free. “We will ensure that all companies in the sector can perform tests to make sure that all public services/tourism professionals test negative for Covid-19 before they return to work, so they can’t transmit the virus.”

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