Town in Spain’s Costa del Sol Falls Out with INE over Number of Residents

Mayor Victor Navas Credit: Benalmadena Council

THERE is a bit of a disagreement between the Benalmadena Council and the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) over the number of people who live in the municipality and it’s a valuable argument to win.

According to the council, there are around 90,000 inhabitants based on how much water is consumed and rubbish collected but of those 72,946 were registered as living there which is several thousand more than the last report in 2018 which showed 68,128 inhabitants.

Councils receive payment of financial benefits based on the number of people registered and the latest INE figures suggest that just 69,078 people live in Benalmadena, around 5 per cent less that the town’s figure.


Now the mayor, Victor Navas, has said that he plans to challenge this and try to prove that an even higher number should be accepted and will also campaign for those who are still not registered to do so.



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