Time called on fraudsters caught ‘buying’ and selling €28,000 worth of whisky in Murcia on the Costa Blanca

SCAM: Almost 3,000 bottles of whisky sold on without being paid for. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

Time has been called on two fraudsters arrested in Almoradí for ‘buying’ and selling €28,000 worth of whisky.

ACCORDING to the Guardia Civil, the two suspects placed a bulk order with a company in Sevilla and resold the alcohol to another company in Murcia without having paid for it.

As part of operation YADI, the pair, aged 38 and 43 were arrested for two counts of fraud, after selling 2,738 bottles of whisky, valued at about €28,000.

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Almost all of the alcohol has been recovered.

The events occurred on June 2, when a wholesale company based in Lantejuela, Sevilla, received an order for almost 3,000 bottles of spirits.

In order to make the payment, a bank transfer was agreed upon once the bottles arrived. The delivery was made, but the money was never transferred.

The company from Sevilla suspected that it had been the victim of a fraud after no money was received and attempts to contact the ‘buyers’ proved fruitless.

Suspicion was also raised when the delivery driver was told to leave the boxes in the street, rather than in a warehouse.

Offices discovered false ID had been used and on following the suspects in a rented van, found evidence and documents connecting them to the case.

They were arrested and police traced the alcohol to a warehouse in Lorqui, Murcia.

The owners were not aware that the whisky was part of an illegal transaction, and had it stored ready to be sold to the public.

The operation was carried out by the Guardia Civil’s Investigation Department in Callosa de Segura (Alicante).


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