Terrapins in Trouble on Spain’s Costa del Sol as Local Residents Fight to Try to Save Them

The one (so far) rescued terrapin Credit: Anna Moffatt

FOR some time, the Almenara Golf Club and Hotel in Sotogrande has been closed awaiting redevelopment but now that the State of Alarm allows construction, work has started.

One concerned resident however has realised that the work includes the draining and filling of a reasonable sized pond on the golf course which involved diggers shovelling dirt in so that the pond will disappear.

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She has seen however that the pond contains a number of live terrapins (turtles) which are clearly being threatened and she has managed to catch and remove one which she has placed in the nearby lake.

Another resident has alerted Seprona, the nature arm of the Guardia Civil as if the terrapins are an indigenous species, then they could well be protected but if they are invasive, then it would be inappropriate to move them to the lake, but equally they shouldn’t just be exterminated.

Officers of Seprona have undertaken to investigate.


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