Spain: Singer Miguel Bosé Launches Anti-Vaccine Campaign on Social Media

Credit: Twitter

SPANISH singer Miguel Bosé launched a campaign this week against the vaccines being developed against Covid-19.

The singer is accusing GAVI, the Alliance for Vaccination, of being part of an international plot to dominate the world. He goes on to say that Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez is an “accomplice of this macabre and supremacist plan.”

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In several messages posted on his social media, Bosé describes his theory about a corrupt international network being behind the coronavirus pandemic. He says that the virus is an excuse to vaccinate the world’s population to allow people to be implanted with microchips or nanobot designed to ‘control’ them.

“Once they activate the 5G network, (key in this global domination strategy), we will be sheep at their mercy,” he said on Twitter and Facebook, where he has 2.5 million and 3.1 million followers respectively.

The artist directly singles out Sánchez as being a member of this alleged evil alliance because of his public support for GAVI.

“Perhaps you are giving us a clue to point us to the location of your possible future revolving door?” the singer asks on Twitter.

The pharmaceutical company GAVI is owned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has led sparked numerous conspiracy theories on social media.

The reason GAVI comes under particular scrutiny right now is because of their work on developing a Covid-19 vaccine. However, the specialist firm has failed in vaccines in the past, which has resulted in many victims around the world.

India has expelled and denounced GAVI and Africa is said to be still living with the consequences of failed vaccines provided by the pharma firm in the past.



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