President of Madrid Suggests Hosting a Charitable Bullfight to Honour Spain’s Medical Staff

Bullfighting World: Spain's infamous sport is on the downfall. Credit: AnimaNaturalis

Isabel Ayuso, the President of the Community of Madrid, has suggested honouring Spain’s medical staff for their efforts during the coronavirus crisis by hosting a charitable bullfight.

AYUSO has met with the representatives of the bullfighting industry in Spain in order to arrange a charitable bullfight on October 12, the official Hispanic day.

This event is also accompanied by a proposal to reduce bullfighting taxes from 21 per cent to 4 per cent in order to account for lost profits during the quarantine.

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Despite all of the state-sanctioned help that the industry has received, the controversial world bullfighting in Spain has slowly been curtailing since 2007.

According to the Association of Veterinary Abolitionists for Bullfighting and Animal Abuse (AVATMA), over the last 13 years, the industry has seen its profits plummet by 61 per cent.

The association notes that this downfall illustrates how every day more people question why any “citizen would kill these animals as a form of fun.”



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