Mother in Spain’s Sevilla Calls the Police on Her Own Daughter for Trying to Drink and Drive

Reckless Driver: Woman is detained after punching a policeman during drunken driving incident. Credit: Twitter @EmergenciasSev

Local Police officers in Sevilla have arrested a reckless driver who was endangering lives as she attempted to drive whilst being under the influence. 

THE combination of alcohol and conflict caused the event to turn violent as she tried to attack her own mother and the policemen.

This careless 30-year-old woman was reported to the police by her own mother who called to say she was about to drive under the influence.

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The daughter who was clearly drunk and had admitted to consuming cannabis as well had already begun driving her car when the police arrived to stop her.

The officer informed the woman that she must carry out a breathalyser test, which she quickly refused.

The incident soon took a more violent turn as the driver tried to attack her own mother. The officers stepped in to avoid this happening, however, the drunken woman punched an officer in the throat. Therefore, she was immediately arrested. She was charged with crimes against road safety as well as driving under the influence.




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