La Nucia ensures that local pupils still get their graduation photos despite the atypical Covid-19 situation

SCHOOL PHOTO: Young pupil says ‘cheese’, credit: La Nucia town hall

LA NUCIA Town Hall allocated €3,000 for group graduation photos for pupils at local infant, primary and secondary schools.

Education councillor Sergio Villalba revealed that the town hall also cooperated with technical input and equipment so that pupils did not forgo their traditional ‘orla’ photos.

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La Nucia Town Hall continued to support both education and families by collaborating with this important milestone in pupils’ lives, Villalba said, although this year’s was atypical owing to the Covid-19 crisis.

As well as funding the photographs, La Nucia Town Hall provided a €1,500 subsidy for each of the AMPAS parents’ associations belonging to the three local state schools.





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