Go-ahead for multi-million Covid-19 pandemic crisis recovery plan in popular holiday destination on Spain’s Mallorca

SIGNED: The green light for the plan follows “weeks of work” with different political grous, business associations and trade unions CREDIT: Ajuntament de Calvia Facebook @ajuntamentdecalvia

A €9 million social, economic and environmental recovery plan for Calvia is set to go ahead.

THE plan for addressing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis was signed on Monday following what the council said had been “weeks of work” by the governing team with all the political groups with municipal representation, trade, hotel, hospitality and leisure industry associations and the main trade unions.

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CREDIT: Ajuntament de Calvia Facebook @ajuntamentdecalvia

The council said the plan includes social protection measures aimed at meeting the most basic and urgent needs of Calvia residents, measures for reactivating and sustaining economic activity and fiscal measures.

One of the standout measures, which has already been put into action, is the €1.5 million in assistance for the self-employed.

Also the maintenance of investment in public housing, improvements to natural and urban areas and beefed up tourism promotion.

These measures are in addition to steps like the emergency social assistance, extraordinary measures to help people out with their rent, the enlargement of bar and restaurant terraces and the deferment of tax payments.

The plan involves the creation of a working group to set out the framework for environmental sustainability.

Another group made up of representatives from all the groups and entities which signed the documents will be set up to monitor the proposals laid out in the plan.

Calvia mayor oversaw the plan signing act, in which the spokespersons of all the municipal political groups, representatives from the municipal hoteliers’ associations, trade unions and business sector organisations took part.


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