France’s Covid victims start legal proceedings to take French state to court over failure to protect them from health crisis

Health Director Jerome Salomon. Credit:Twitter

FRENCH residents have begun to file legal proceedings against authorities such as Director-General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, Public Health France and Regional Health Agencies, among others as they feel that these bodies could have protected them from the effects of the virus including grief from losing family members.
So far, over a hundred accusations have been registered throughout the country for complaints like, “voluntary abstention from fighting a disaster” and “endangering the lives of others”.
Rémy Heitz, a Paris prosecutor, has therefore declared a larger investigation into the handling of the Coronavirus which could possibly last “between five and seven years” according to Fabrice Di Vizio, a lawyer representing victims’ groups. “But it’s important that the trial takes a long time because we’ve got to understand the responsibilities of each actor in the health sector. It’s painstaking work, but it’s the price we pay for getting to the truth”.
France’s doctors have pointed the finger at Health Minister Olivier Véran accusing him of failing to provide healthcare workers with much needed protective equipment which they believe led to the death of 35 colleagues.


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