Costa del Sol’s Malaga Records its First Coronavirus Death After Almost Two Weeks

Malaga's Progress: A slight setback with one coronavirus death reported in 2 weeks. credit: Shutterstock

Costa del Sol’s progress during the coronavirus pandemic has been quite favourable over the last two weeks, however, this streak was broken in the last 24 hours as Malaga recorded its first death in 14 days.

SINCE June 1, there has only been one registered death in Malaga as well as 61 new cases which were confirmed by PCR and rapid tests.

These figures illustrate Malaga’s favourable evolution and a significant reduction in the rate of reproduction of the virus. The number of discharges from hospitals has also been encouraging with 209 individuals being discharged in the last two weeks, and over 3,000 since the beginning of the pandemic.

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After a greater use of face masks and more rigorous disinfection of public spaces, transport and personal hygiene are all contributing measures which have guaranteed this positive trend, the good weather has also been considered as an ally in fighting off the infection.

These factors all helped to move Malaga into Phase 3 with the rest of its Andalucian neighbours, now, the whole country can expect a new ‘normality’ from June 21.



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