Campello beachgoers are asked to follow the arrows as they enter and leave to maintain social distancing

WALKWAYS: Beachgoers asked to enter and leave beach in the right direction credit: Campello town hall

CAMPELLO’S Beaches and Tourist Infrastructure councillor Julio Oca called on beachgoers to use the walkways correctly.

The walkways that give access to all Campello beaches are marked with an arrow indicating whether they should be used to access or leave the beach.

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Despite the signs, Julio Oca admitted the majority of people are not yet using them correctly.

“We are still at the first phase of the measures we are introducing but it would be preferable for beachgoers to use the walkways in the right direction,” he said.

“This would avoid obstructing other users and guarantee correct distancing.”

The Beaches and Infrastructure department is continuing throughout this week to continue marking the walkways and putting up signs on Campello’s beaches and coves.

These detail the regulations introduced to halt Covid-19, announced Oca, emphasising that these include a ban on smoking on the beach.





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