Abuse Towards Elders Continues in Costa del Sol as Two Women in Malaga Steal €2,500 From an 80-Year-Old

€50,000 EUROS: Swindled from Elderly Woman in Spain CREDIT: Pixabay

Two women in the Costa del Sol have been arrested by National Police officers for stealing an envelope from an 80-year-old man in Malaga which contained €2,500 in cash.

THE abuse towards elders in the Costa del Sol has been rife since the beginning of the pandemic as each week new cases featuring this type of abuse are brought to light. Only last week, a caretaker in Fuengirola was arrested for stealing thousands worth of jewellery.

Both detainees are Spanish, one is aged 26 whilst the other is 36. They have both been charged with criminal theft.

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As the elderly man left the bank, he was followed all the way back to his home, which is when the women managed to steal the envelope full of money.

The two women entered the property with him and pretended to stumble, using this moment as a distraction to take advantage of the old man and steal his €2,500.

After several inquiries, officers managed to conclude that both women were in the bank when he as there and that they had followed him to his flat.

Thankfully, both perpetrators were identified and located in time.


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