Spain’s Prime Minister Sanchez is Optimistic About the Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine: Sanchez is optimistic that there will soon be a solution to the virus. CREDIT: Shutterstock

At the most recent press conference, Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez announced that he is optimistic about the situation in which Spain currently finds itself in and the prospect of a coronavirus vaccine.

Several countries across the globe, such as the United States, the United Kingdom of China has been conducting extensive research in order to find a successful treatment that will prevent the virus from spreading.

“Hopefully we will soon be surprised”, exclaimed the Prime Minister, who has expressed his optimism about finding a vaccine very soon which can be delivered across all countries.

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The pharmaceutical company Astrazenca announced that it planned to have around 100 million vaccines for Europe by the end of this year.

This company is currently in the third phase of its coronavirus vaccine study which has amassed after 10,000 volunteers bravely put themselves forward to find a solution to the pandemic which has ravaged the entire globe.

Although the results so far have been positive, they still do not know whether the vaccine will be 100% effective. If the final results come back positive in September, the pharmaceutical company estimates that, as a minimum, there will be 2,100 million vaccine doses.


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