Spain’s PM Urges Opposition to Back his Plans for Economic Reconstruction & Recovery

Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has urged the public "not to let their guard down". Credit: La Moncloa flickr

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called for the opposition parties today to “unite” and back his plans to help economic reconstruction and recovery.

SPEAKING at a press conference today, Sánchez urged the opposition party, particularly Partido Popular (PP) to back the government’s strategy, which is designed to help the economy recover and get the country back on its feet. He appealed for “patriotism,” and called for all of the country’s political parties to “actively support the proposal from the European Commission.” Spain, is expected to receive funds of around €140 billion to help the economy recover from the shock of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown.

“If Spain wins, we all win. If Spain loses, it’s not only the government that loses, we all do,” Sánchez pointed out. “I’m calling for responsibility, a great vision and patriotism.” However, it appears that the opposition parties have been trying to undermine the government’s strategy. In today’s speech, Sanchez hinted that some parties have asked for strict controls to be imposed on the EU’s reconstruction funds, which could restrict the government’s decision-making on how funds are spent.

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“I’m calling for unity among the political parties who are evaluating the measures in the reconstruction plan” and “unity among the regional presidents,” he stated. Sánchez added that “it is vital to forge alliances between between corporate organisations and employees, as well as political parties to achieve successful reconstruction and recovery of the country’s economy.” The Prime Minister also announced an injection of €3.75 billion to revive the automotive industry, as reported.


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