Spain Records Just 25 Covid-19 Deaths Last Week as De-Escalation Continues


ON Friday, the Spanish Health Ministry announced that there were just 25 Covid-19 deaths last week and 155 infections in the previous 24 hours.

This confirms reports that the harsh lockdown Spain has endured since March, has been effective.

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Out of the infections, Madrid and Catalonia had 74 and 33 respectively. Spain’s capital has been the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, although it is believed that the infection rate has now been contained.

The Health Ministry also announced that infections among health workers between May 11 and June 11 totalled 1,429, with the majority of cases being in Catalonia.

As Spain prepares to reopen its doors to the world and welcome the rush of international tourists expected, these reduced numbers for the virus spread are very welcome news.

Beaches across the Costas are gearing up for a ‘new normal’, to ensure tourists are safe as they enjoy the Spanish sunshine.


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