Seeking Revenge: Mob in Marbella Under Arrest for Carrying Weapons and Going to ‘Settle the Score’ on the Costa del Sol

Seeking Revenge: 6 men caught with illegal weapons on their way to 'settle the score'. Credit: National Police Malaga

Officers in Costa del Sol’s Marbella have arrested six individuals who were carrying weapons on their way to ‘settle the score’ with a group of people that they had been arguing with.

The group of men, all of whom were Spanish, were aged between 20 and 47. According to police reports they were heavily armed as they were on the way to ‘settle the score’ with another group of individuals.

Officers were in the middle of conducting a road check when they stopped a car full of young men. Once they identified all of the men in the car, they found their weapons which included three pocket knives, a baseball bat, and three machetes.

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The road check was carried out in the Playas del Duque area in Marbella at around 10:00 p.m on June 10.

Officers stopped the vehicle and found over half a dozen weapons in their possession.

They also verified that at least 2 of the occupants had been part of a fight earlier. When asked what they were doing with all of these dangerous weapons, a detainee responded that they were seeking revenge on their attackers who had stolen a golden chain.

The National Police arrested them for illegal possession of weapons and they were subsequently transferred to the police headquarters.


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