Sanchez to Announce a List of ‘Safe Countries’ for Non-EU Travellers Who May Enter Spain on July 1

Safe Countries: EU Members to Agree on Safe Countries for non-EU travellers. CREDIT: Arodriguezgo

Spain is officially gearing up to open its borders on July 1 and Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that he will create a list of ‘safe countries’ which will allow non-EU travellers to enter Spain.

DURING the press conference, Sanchez referred to the “analogous situation in Spain” and asked that Spaniards “act with reciprocity” when accepting the arrival of travellers from the EU, in reference to the “vetoes” that some Member States put on the arrival of Spaniards to their countries.

The head of the Executive has communicated to the regional presidents that a joint list is “still pending” which the European Commission will make regarding what “restrictions will be implemented to third countries in their movements to the European continent.”

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Sanchez has recognised that this is a “critical” issue because the evolution of the epidemic in Europe “is going really well” however, in the rest of the world, such as in the American continent, the situation is “very bad.”

Brussels already announced that it trusts that Member States will be able to agree on a closed but “periodically reviewable” list of third countries which do not pose a risk to Europe and whose nationals will be able to travel this summer to the EU as a whole.



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