Missing in Action: Two Individuals Kayaking in Costa del Sol Torremolinos Lost at Sea Yet to Be Found

Mikhail shutterstock
Missing at Sea: Kayakers in Torremolinos have still not been found. Credit: Shutterstock

Two individuals are reported to be lost at sea in Costa del Sol’s Torremolinos and are yet to be found by the various search teams.

The two people ventured out into the Torremolinos sea on Saturday night in Malaga.

The search which involved the Salvamento Maritimo and a Helimer 204 helicopter ended at 1:00 p.m. today.

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The Salvamento Maritimo team announced that after an “intense search” the result was negative. The next step in the search is to send out a “notice to navigators”.

The notice involves a radio message to all sea vessels which informs them to be alert in case there are any signs of the lost individuals that they can report.

They also stressed that so far they have not received any complaints about a disappearance in the area.

“We have searched very intensively in the area and ultimately gathered a negative result therefore this second search phase is now activated which involves a warning to sailors” pointed out the search team.

The Salvamento Maritimo team in Cadiz immediately began a search once they were alerted of the kayaker’s incident. However, they too have given up after searching the seas all morning since the break of dawn.


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