German Prosecutor admits “Madeleine McCann could Still be Alive”

Madeleine McCann case prime suspect boasted to friends he performed a sex act in front of sleeping girls. Credit: Twitter

The mystery deepens as the German prosecutor who previously said police were working on the theory she was dead now admits Madeleine McCann may still be alive.

THE investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance from Praia da Luz, Portugal, has attracted renewed attention after authorities announced they were investigating a 43-year-old convicted German child sex offender.

The suspect, who is currently serving a prison sentence, has been named in reports as Christian Brueckner.

In a complete reversal of earlier claims, Braunschweig state prosecutor Hans Wolters admitted there was no “forensic evidence” to confirm Madeleine’s death. He admitted his previous claims about her “quick” death were “only personal opinion and speculation.”


He said: “We don’t want to kill the hope and because there is no forensic evidence it may be possible. “I am surprised the fact we say or I say Madeleine is dead is so important for the British people.”

The prosecutor added that, in Germany, it is ‘normal’ to assume a murder has taken place in similar cases, Christian Brueckner, is currently in prison in Kiel, northern Germany, for drugs offences.


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