France: New Coronavirus Epicentre Discovered in Toulouse


A FAMILY reunion that was organised in the French city of Toulouse on June 1 has resulted in 13 guests testing positive for Covid-19.

The party, which brought together 52 people from five different families were tested after the event, when several of the guests developed symptoms of the virus.

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France is in the process of de-escalating from its state of emergency, having lost 29,389 lives to the disease.

It is believed one of the family members attending the reunion had recently returned from Germany. They are believed to be the source of the virus in the group.

Eleven of the 52 relatives tested negative, while 28 are still being monitored. The whole group are being held in quarantine for 14 days.

It is not expected that this will spark an increase in Covid-19 infections in Toulouse in the coming weeks.


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