Boozy Bargains: Swindlers in Costa Blanca Caught Trying to Resell €28,000 Worth of Whisky

Boozy Bargain: Over 2,000 bottles of whiskey swindled from a company in Sevilla. Credit: Guardia Civil Alicante

Guardia Civil officers in Costa Blanca’s Alicante have arrested two swindlers for fraudulently purchasing 2,738 bottles of whisky which is approximately valued at €28,000.

ACCORDING to the Guardia Civil, the two individuals placed an alcohol order with a company located in Sevilla and then resold these same products, without having paid for them, to another company in Murcia.

The incident occurred on June 2 when wholesaler in Lantejuela, Sevilla, received the large order for whisky bottles. The swindlers agreed they would transfer the money via bank transfer but only once these had reached their destination.

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When the whisky arrived in Alicante, the buyers stopped answering their phones and refused to pay up.

Officers found out that they had used false identification to order the alcohol, for this reason, the police began a surveillance operation.

They followed the swindlers’ delivery to a warehouse in Murcia. The individuals waiting in Murcia to receive the bottled whisky were completely oblivious that they were involved in an illegal transaction.

Most units have been recovered thanks to the police’s quick actions as if they had waited a few hours more, recovering these dispersed bottles would have been much more complicated.


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