UK: Pubs & Restaurants Allowed to Ignore Two-Metre Distancing if Safety Measures Taken


Pubs, restaurants and shops in the UK will be allowed to ignore the 2m distancing rule, according to the government’s new blueprint for getting Britain back on track.

Businesses will be able to let staff work closer together but only if measures are taken to lower the risk of spreading coronavirus.

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The government is in talks with scientists to discuss measures that can be used as an alternative to social distancing. One of the ideas being discussed is a ban on singing or even loud talking, which scientists say can project the virus in enclosed spaces.

Offices, cafes and shopping centres will be required to prove they have made their spaces safe before they will be given the green light to open their doors once again.

Being more flexible on the 2m distance rule will give bars and restaurants a better chance on bouncing back. Yesterday, Boris Johnson suggested that this could shrink even further to just 1m very soon.

A report drawn up by the government’s scientific advisors was released yesterday, outlining a raft of measures aimed at kickstarting the economy.



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