SPAIN: Teachers Unhappy with Government’s Decision to Reopen Schools


The Spanish government recently announced its intention to reopen schools in Spain in September.

This follows months of home-schooling for kids as the country endured one of the harshest lockdowns in Europe.

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For many weeks under lockdown conditions, children were unable to leave the house to see their friends or even the simplest of outdoor activities, although restrictions have eased since then.

This has taken a toll on both parents and children alike, with many looking forward to schools reopening after the summer.

However, teachers have been in disagreement with the Government’s decision which has led to conflict.

The Minister of Education Isabel Celaá has suggested optimising space in classrooms to reduce the number of students in lessons, which is among a list of coronavirus protocols issued to Spanish schools.

But this had led to complaints from schools that they simply don’t have the money to make the changes required.

The issue is still being debated despite the government’s decision to reopen schools in September.



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