More than 70% of Spain – from Costa del Sol to Costa Blanca – will be in Phase 3 on Monday

COVID-19 SURVEY: 13% of workers in Spain have gone to work depiste showing symptoms. CREDIT: Shutterstock

The Ministry of Health has announced that around 70% of Spain will enter Phase 3 of de-escalation on June 15.

THIS is the last phase before the ‘new normal’. The northwestern region of Galicia will transition straight into the “the new normal”. However, around seven territories will remain in Phase 2, which make up for around a quarter of the Spanish population. This includes Madrid, Barcelona and its metropolitan areas, as well the healthcare area of Lleida in Catalonia; and the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila, Segovia and Soria in the region of Castilla y León.

Once a region is in Phase 3, it’s up to each regional head to decide when it’s ready for the ‘new normal’, and when restrictions can be lifted. However, from June 21, when the State of Alarm ends, freedom of movement across the country will be restored, as reported.

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Regions in Phase 2 will have to decide whether to adopt Phase 3 restrictions after June 21, or whether to move straight into the new normal. According to the Ministry of Health, around 55,000 suspicious cases are still being detected per week, and between 90% and 93% of them are undergoing PCR tests. The situation is under control and Spanish Health Ministry officials said they are satisfied with the way Covid-19 figures have been evolving lately. “Every day we are acquiring greater capacity for early detection of suspicious cases,” said Simón.



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