Fears that Madrid’s bid to stay in relaxed lockdown could spark off riots in Spain’s capital

MAY RIOTS: Civl unrest over government's lockdown restrictions. CREDIT: Twitter

While the rest of Spain is expected to move to new normality on June 21, Madrid looks set to request advancement to phase 3 of de-escalation from June 22 – meaning restrictions will remain in place.

MINISTER for Health for Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, said yesterday the Community will request on Monday. June 15, the advancement to the next stage of relaxed lockdown – after State of Alarm has ended.

The announcement has caused confusion as to why Madrid would want to maintain restrictions while the rest of the country moves to a new normality.

Spain’s capital has already seen riots on the streets during the lockdown in protest against Pedro Sanchez’s handling of the crisis, with riot police in full kit forming barricades and armed with tear gas, batons, and tasers to fight off attacks.


Throughout the leafy suburbs of Madrid, a deep hatred of the government festered as the city was plunged into lockdown, particularly in light of the fact last year was one of the best on record for business and indeed tourism.

Everything had pointed towards a great 2020 before the pandemic.

Thousands of disgruntled and angry residents stormed the streets and pavements of the city over the government’s decision to hold back Madrid in Phase 1 back in May, with the majority calling it a political move rather than a health one.

But this latest move has come from Madrid itself, which is erring on the side of caution in case there is a resurge in coronavirus infections.

The unexpected decision has caused confusion – why would the Community of Madrid ask to enter into phase 3 after June 21?

The intention to ask for a change of phase next Monday is reportedly part of a  “strict compliance with the current regulatory framework”, and to cover the Community should the health situation worsen and the return to new normality is delayed.

Should this happen, the Madrid government wants to have the procedures for progressing to phase 3 completed so as not to remain in the second stage with the rigid restrictions this implies.


  1. This is weird hysterical propaganda.
    I live in the Salamanca barrio, and walked myself among the “throngs” in the famous “riot” of Nunez de Balboa in May. There were almost no police at all, only a helicopter hovering high overhead. People were dispersed, wandering about cloaked in Spanish flags, and most wearing masks. The only serious demonstration in all this time was for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. The right wing people were banging cans at 9pm… most of us in Madrid were clapping at 8pm, and even in the barrio Salamanca, the clapping greatly outnumbered the “caserola” against Pedro Sanchez. Now the can-banging people have given it up.
    The article makes even no allusion to why the Comunidad of Madrid was not allowed to pass to the next phase — their health system was not ready…. according to “left wing propaganda”, and government TV reports (also “left wing prop’da”, right?) — they had disinvested from public health for so many years under the PP governance that they were not ready for resurgence of cases.


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