Coronavirus: Pubs in the UK Strike the Death Knell for Live Music- Even Shouting will have to Banned!!


Pubs and restaurants in England may have to ban music and even shouting to relax the two-metre rule and be able to open.

If businesses can show they have taken reasonable measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, it is reported that they may be allowed to relax the social distancing rules and re-open.

A ban on shouting, singing, Karaoke and even playing music may be necessary to be able to relax the two-metre social-distancing rule and open up again for the first time in months. The reason for stopping the music is so that people don’t have to shout to be heard over it, the virus is easily transferred by droplets in the air.

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The vast majority of musicians in the UK have lost all their income over the last few months and many have taken a career change, some have families and dependants and have had to make the change to survive. The proposals would finish off the industry altogether, many fear.

Boris Johnson has faced calls from industry leaders and MPs to halve the distance to help businesses such as pubs and restaurants reopen, the prime minister has promised to keep the two-metre social-distancing restriction under ‘constant review’.



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