Welsh Singer & Top Solo Hit Artist Ricky Valance dies at 84

With ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’, Ricky Valance achieved Silver, Gold and Platinum discs as he soared to the top of the British Hit Parade, reaching the coveted Number One position on the 29th September, 1960. CREDIT: Rickyvalance.com

Welsh singer and top solo hit artist Ricky Valance has died today at the age of 84.

VALANCE had been diagnosed with dementia and was hospitalised before the lockdown, confirmed his agent. He shot to fame thanks to his Number One single Tell Laura I love Her, which sold over a million copies back in 1960, despite being labelled ‘controversial’ at the time. It was, in fact, reported to be banned from airplay by the BBC.

He was actually the first Welshman to have a solo Number One hit. The song was in the charts for at least 16 weeks with three of those in the top position, but it was to be his only Number One hit. Only two other songs reached the top 50, but they did not achieve the same level of success as the first.

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Before his rise to fame, Valance was a soprano at his local church choir when he was a child. He started to perform at clubs after a short stint in the air force. Valance was actually performing at clubs across the North of England where he found fame with his Number One hit Tell Laura I love Her.


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