UK BREAKING: BLM Protestors defy Boris Johnson as THOUSANDS Descend on the Capital


Despite Boris Johnson’s calls to Black Lives Matter protesters, thousands turned out in the capital during the course of the afternoon.

Police were jeered and booed as they moved in to detail two protesters in Hyde Park as activists openly defied the Prime Minister’s instructions.

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Around 20 police officers moved through the crowd to apprehend the demonstrators who had been identified in connection with violent protests last weekend.

The BLM protest was moved to this afternoon having cancelled plans to mass in Hyde Park tomorrow. The cancellation was in response to news that far-right groups intended to descend on the capital tomorrow in order to protect London’s monuments.

Statues and war memorials including the Cenotaph were boarded-up today to prevent any further acts of vandalism or damage from protestors from either faction.

Scenes of crowds swarming through Hyde Park, albeit peacefully, have drawn criticism for irresponsibly gathering to protest during the pandemic.

BLM protestors also gathered outside Buckingham Palace and in Trafalgar Square.

The majority of protesters were peaceful.


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