Spain’s Mercadona Adds New Rule to Shopping List to Help Customers Avoid Covid-19 Risk

CREDIT: Shutterstock

Spain’s supermarket Mercadona has announced a new shopping rule to help customers – from Costa del Sol to Costa Blanca – avoid the risk of Covid-19 contagion.

AS well as ensuring a two-metre distance between other customers/staff, wearing a mask and gloves, and only touching products you intend to buy, Mercadona has added another rule to its ‘shopping list,’ which has ‘confused’ some shoppers.

The latest rule requires shopping trolleys “to be turned around – in reverse – at the till.” “This measure will make it easier for customers to put their goods safely in the till area to be scanned by the cashier, whilst helping to maintain an adequate distance between the customer in front,” said Mercadona.

However, the new rule, which was published on social media such as Twitter today, has actually left many customers “a little confused,” according to local reports. #mercadona #covid19 #supermarket #costadelsol #costablanca #coronavirus



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