Spain’s Costa del Sol ‘Plan Malaga’ Reveals €4.7m Budget to Help 7,000 Struggling Families

€50,000 EUROS: Swindled from Elderly Woman in Spain CREDIT: Pixabay

The Diputacion of Malaga has announced an initial budget of €4.7m to help around 7,000 struggling families that have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

“GIVEN that we do not know the scope of this crisis, the budget has the potential to be increased, depending on the number of families requiring assistance,” confirmed Natacha Rivas, Vice President of the Diputacion of Malaga. The budget forms part of Plan Málaga, which is aimed to help the local economy recover and generate jobs in the province.

Of this budget, €2 million has been put aside for municipalities with less than 200,000 households, “which need our help more than ever,” stated Rivas. Approximately €623,665 will be dedicated to economic help for families, who need desperate financial assistance. Another €300,000 will be available to help adapt households for those with reduced mobility and generate employment in the rehabilitation sector. Around €550,000 has also been put aside for ‘social emergencies’ and ‘extreme hardship,’ with another €200,000 for families with new-borns for its ‘cheque-bebé’ programme.

Rivas reiterated that the budget for Plan Malaga can be increased, depending on current and future family needs. For now the budget has been allocated to “concrete actions” to help meet the needs of the “most vulnerable first, so no one is left behind,” she added.




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