Sexual Predator in Costa del Sol Rapes a Woman Who Offered to Give Him a Lift After Missing His Bus in Torremolinos

Andalucia's beaches are patrolled by special agents until September 15 to help avoid overcrowding. Credit: Shutterstock

Police officers in the Costa del Sol have arrested a 44-year-old man as the suspect of sexual abuse towards a woman in Torremolinos who offered to give him a lift home after he claimed he missed the last bus.

THE incident occurred a little after midnight on Sunday when the victim was having dinner at a chiringuito on the Costa with her friend. During the evening a street vendor approached her and her friend to have a conversation, which gave the victim the impression that they knew each other.

A little while after, her friend had to leave which left the victim and her abuser together. She excused herself to leave, but he asked her for a favour before she got the chance to go.

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He asked whether she could take him towards the direction he lived in, as he had missed the last bus and there was no more public transport at that time. The woman assures that she acted in good faith and agreed to this as it was not out of her way.

As soon as they arrived, he pounced on her and this was presumedly the moment in which the rape occurred.

When he left the woman was in shock and asked for help. The National Police in Torremolinos was called to conduct an investigation and they soon found the suspect.


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