London’s Cenotaph Boarded Up as More Statues Removed from the Capital


A STATUE of Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph in Central London have been boarded up by workers today ahead of BLM protests expected at the weekend.

Although the majority of protests in support of the movement have been peaceful, statues around the country have been the target of vandalism.

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Often topping lists of ‘great Britons of history,’ Churchill is honoured with numerous monuments across the country. The most famous is the landmark statue in London’s Parliament Square.

Statues of historic figures have come under scrutiny around the world, with calls for many to be removed for the controversial role they played or the attitudes they held during their lifetimes.

The Cenotaph is an important part of London’s skyline which has led to it being shielded from possible defacement at the weekend.

Cenotaph means ’empty tomb’ and the monument symbolises the unprecedented losses suffered during the First World War.

Many Brits feel protective of this important monument which helps us remember the sacrifices made by our countrymen in times of war.


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