London Jewish Man Stabbed in Broad Daylight in Alleged ‘Hate Crime’ Incident

Construction workers at the scene managed to restrain the suspected attacker until the police came. CREDIT: Twitter @artonanisland

A middle-aged Jewish man has been stabbed in broad daylight in London’s Stoke Newington High Street this morning.

NEARBY construction workers came to his rescue and were able to restrain the suspected attacker by pinning him to the ground, until the police came on the scene. Although the police is not treating the incident as a terror attack, many onlookers including the construction workers at the scene believe it was a ‘hate-crime’ because of the ‘victim’s religion.’

The victim, who is reported to have suffered several stab wounds, was immediately rushed to hospital. Lazar Friedlander, the Construction Site Manager at the scene, said he was alerted by screams when he and his brother immediately ran outside to see a ‘Jewish man covered in blood’ who was shouting “catch him he’s got a knife. Stabbing!”

They “managed to force him down and put his hands behind his back until the police came,” he stated, adding “I reckon it was a hate crime.” The 40-year-old male attacker has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, confirmed the Met Police.



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