Drugged Madman in Malaga’s Costa del Sol Climbs to The Rooftops with a Shotgun Threatening to Kill Someone

Malaga Madman: Police arrest a man who climbed to the rooftops with a shotgun. Credit: Twitter @SOSTRAVELUK

A 39-year-old man was arrested after climbing up to the rooftops with a shotgun in Costa del Sol’s Malaga and threatening to kill someone.

THIS bizarre incident occurred on Wednesday, June 10, at around 03.15am.

As soon as the police were alerted to the issue they quickly ran to the scene. When the man on the roof saw they had arrived, he threw the shotgun over to the adjoining rooftop.

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Two Local Police officers climbed up to the roof whilst the individual was trying to get down. A police officer asked him what he was hiding in his waistband as they could see an unusual lump.

The man took out a hunting knife, as well as shotgun ammunition which was hidden in his pocket, however, he threw all of this to the adjoining rooftop.

The police affirm that once they climbed down and arrested the individual, he experienced an anxiety attack which could be a consequence of having taken illegal narcotics.

The police seized a suspicious white powder from his home which is believed to be cocaine, as well as a box of shotgun ammunition. The weapons and drugs were confiscated, and the individual was taken to a hospital for evaluation given his altered mental state.




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