47 Flights Ready to Fly German Holidaymakers to Spain’s Ibiza, Menorca & Palma Islands from Monday

The islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Palma to welcome German tourists from next Monday June 15. CREDIT: Wikimedia

Spain has announced that 47 flights have been scheduled to fly German tourists to the Baleares Islands from next Monday June 15.

AROUND 38 flights are scheduled to fly to Palma, eight to Ibiza and one to Menorca. The first two flights on Monday (June 15) will be arriving in Palma from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. The third will be on Wednesday (June 17) from Düsseldorf to Ibiza. The only flight to Menorca is scheduled on June 27 from Düsseldorf.

According to Spain’s Official State Bulletin (BOE), the complete list of flights is still provisional, and may be “expanded, modified, revised or updated” as needed by the Tourism Minister and Government.

Spain has partially opened up its borders for up to 10,900 German tourists entering the Balearic Islands from Monday, June 15 with no quarantine restrictions, as part of a pilot programme, as reported. On arrival into Spain, airport staff will carry out the necessary “health controls”, such as take body temperature checks. Tourists will also have to fill out a health questionnaire and heath symptoms will also be actively monitored during their stay to ensure any infection is contained, as reported.


There are “many benefits to this tourism pilot scheme”, according to the Government. It includes the ability to test the coronavirus safety protocols at airports, hotels and beaches, as well as the efficiency of the Island’s healthcare and tracing systems. It will also prove to holidaymakers/travellers that Spain’s destinations like the Balearic Islands are “safe”, it added.



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