Watch This: Shocking Video as Hackney Police Officer is Head-Locked then Kicked by Passersby During an Arrest in London

Four arrests have been made today for the attack on two police officers in London's Hackney. CREDIT: Jampress

What is being described as a “Sickening Attack” on two Police officers doing their duty took place in Hackney while passersby unbelievably stopped to take videos!!


The video shows a PC tackling a man to the ground in Hackney, northeast London before other men aim punches and kicks at the officer and a man appears brandishing a baseball bat, the other female officer appeared helpless to stop the attack and called for backup.
Shockingly, rather than helping the officer, people instead pose for mobile phone selfies with the officer grappling in the background and jostle with his female colleague. Two men, aged 20 and 38, were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer following the incident, which left both officers with minor injuries but not needing hospital treatment.
The Home Secretary Priti Patel led the condemnation, describing the attack as ‘sickening, shocking, disgraceful’, while Mr Marsh from the Police Federation said: ‘We are not society’s punchbags. We have families we want to go home to at the end of every shift. But the dangers are stark. And seemingly escalating.’


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Warning- this video contains graphic and violent content. video credit youTube



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