Two brothers jailed for torturing 20-year-old over a debt in Valencia

BROTHERS JAILED: One year ech for torturing victim. CREDIT: Flickr

Two brothers from the Valencian town of Cheste have been sentenced to 12 months in jail each for torturing a 20-year-old over a debt.

THE two, who were minors when the violent assault occurred in November 2019, went to the victim’s house and forced him to take off his pants before they tortured him.

The assailants beat him and forced him to dance half-naked while mocking him.

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The heavy blows caused him to lose consciousness and at whch point they threw cold water over the victim to revive him and continue the assault, this time with tools.

“Go get something that hurts my hand from hitting him so much,” one of the Bulgarian brothers told the other, according to Levante-EMV.

The victim, also Bulgarian, claims the whole ordeal was recorded on a mobile phone, though the police have not found any images.

After his attackers had left, the victim went to the Guardia Civil in Cheste with serious injuries to his legs, hands and face and reported that the brothers had brutally attacked him, demanding money.

The juvenile prosecutor’s office requested 18 months custody for each of the assailants, although after reaching an agreement, the juvenile court sentenced them to one year for attempted robbery with violence and injuries.

The older brother will be placed under a closed regime and the younger brother will be sent to a semi-open prison.

In addition, the judge imposed a three-year restraining order prohibiting them from going within 200 metres of the victim and ordered them to pay €6,000.

The two detainees have criminal records for burglary.


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