Town in Spain’s Costa del Sol asks that its Virgen del Carmen de la Carihuela Procession be Officially Recognised


EVERY July 16, in the streets of the fishermen’s district of la Carihuela, part of Torremolinos, the statue of the Virgin is paraded in front of large crowds.

Locals dress as fishermen and the original and still current idea is to appeal to the Holy Mother to protect the fishing vessels and to look kindly upon their catches.

Now, it is a very friendly and popular event, so much so that following a presentation from the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of the Virgen del Carmen de la Carihuela, the local council will be making a  formal approach to the Andalucian authorities asking that the procession be given official status as a recommended tourist attraction.


Other municipalities have their Virgin recognised and with the need to encourage a return of tourism to the town, the council considers this a very worthwhile cause to support.


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