Tory MPs demand Government reduce two-metre social distancing rule before UK economy crashes

VITAL: Tory backbenchers argue moving to a one-metre rule is key to enabling industries recover from the lockdown. CREDIT: GoToVan from Vancouver, Canada

CONSERVATIVE MPs are demanding the government cut the two-metre social distancing rule before the UK economy crashes.

Backbenchers want the guideline reduced to a metre to enable businesses to recover from the lockdown, especially pubs, cafes and restaurants.

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Former Tory Party leader Sir Iain Duncan-Smith predicts disastrous economic consequences if the UK doesn’t move to a one-metre policy soon in line with World Health Organisation guidance.

“The number one and single most important priority to unlock the economy is getting the distance down to one metre,” he told the Daily Mail.

“The hospitality sector simply can’t make a living at two metres.”

Another former Conservative Cabinet minister, Damian Green, told the BBC’s Newsnight programme on Wednesday he believes changing to a one-metre rule would be the “single biggest change” the government could make to help UK industries bounce back, and particularly the hospitality sector.

He has pointed to other countries where one-metre is regarded as safe, warning that if the government does not make the change “it will be the end for many pubs and restaurants.”


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