Spain: 75% of New Covid-19 Cases from Madrid and Catalonia

MASKS MANDATORY: Madrid makes masks mandatory. Credit: Shutterstock

ON Tuesday, Spain’s Ministry of Health reported that there were 84 new cases of coronavirus in the country, almost twice as many as recorded at the beginning of the week.

Since then, further analysis has shown that three-quarters of the new cases were reported in Catalonia and Madrid.

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Madrid has been at the epicentre of Spain’s corona crisis although the lockdown is now slowly being eased as Spain returns to a ‘new normal.’

Meanwhile in the Basque Country, Murcia and La Rioja, there have been no new infections recorded in recent days.

In Spain’s coastal areas the coronavirus has been managed very effectively by the Andalucian government.

Particular efforts have been made to protect areas popular with international tourists, which accounts for a significant contribution to the Spanish economy.

With infections reducing to single figures across southern Spain, the country is gearing up to welcome international visitors once again.


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