Rubbish skip fire-starters jailed in capital of Spain holiday island Mallorca

DAMAGE: The fire affected a block of apartments and vehicles parked nearby. Consell de Mallorca Twitter @ConselldeMca

THE Balearic Provincial Court has ordered jail time for two men middle-aged men for torching rubbish skips in Mallorca capital Palma in April last year, causing a fire which damaged nearby vehicles and the façade of an apartment block.

Some 80 people had to be evacuated from the block in Calle Poeta Guillern Coll as the flames reached up to the third floor of the building.

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The court issued a five-year sentence for one of the men, and a three and half years behind bars for the other.

Spanish press reported that the pair recognised that they set fire to a packet of tissues and tossed it into the paper and cardboard recycling skip to start a blaze.

The property on the first floor of the residential block was particularly affected in the incident. The fire damaged bikes, furniture and cables, and the door from the balcony to the sitting room.

The court highlighted the point that it was thanks to quick action by police and firefighters that no-one was hurt.

An officer had had to smash the glass on the door of one property to get in and evacuate the occupants, who were sleeping at the time.

Residents had to be moved up to the top floor while the emergency services tried to bring the fire under control.

One of the accused men was caught on a surveillance camera at the scene.

As well as jail time the two have to pay €4,700 compensation to the company responsible for the city’s rubbish collection service, €44,370 compensation to the building community of owners for the damage caused, €10,600 to the family living on the first floor, plus pay for damage to affected cars and mopeds.


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