Royal Regrets: Belgian Prince Caught Partying in Spain’s Cordoba fined Almost €11,000 for Flouting Lockdown!

Prince Joachim: Royally regretful, however, not exempt from the €10,400 fine.

THE central government in Cordoba is now asking for €10,400 from the Belgian Prince after he tested positive for the coronavirus when flouting lockdown to go and party.

Prince Joaquin of Belgium had flown from Belgium to Madrid and then travelled down by the AVE to Cordoba around two weeks ago.

When in Cordoba, the prince attended two different parties, all without keeping the mandatory 14-day quarantine first.

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The legality of the party is questionable, and authorities are still deciding whether they should fine the hosts or not.

At the time of the party, Cordoba was in Phase 2, however, the number of attendees at the party was more than what was permissible at the time.

As the prince tested positive for the coronavirus, an additional 27 people were forced to self-isolate.

Although the prince has publicly apologised for his actions, authorities will want to make an example out of the royal and for this reason, they have chosen to fine him almost €11,000.


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