Rotarians on Spain’s Costa del Sol Take Part in a Socially Distanced Clean Up Challenge

Some of the rubbish collected and those who took part © 2020 Rotary Club of Marbella-Guadalmina

THERE is no doubt that plastic contributes significantly to the harm suffered by the environment and EndPlasticSoup is a global initiative which started in Amsterdam to solve the plastic problem.

The concept has been adopted by 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide and on a recent action day, Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Marbella-Guadalmina took part in a two metre Clean Up Challenge in order to help the environment whilst observing social distancing.

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Armed with masks, bin bags, and plenty of sanitiser, an intrepid group of Rotarians set off to the Lago de Los Tortugas in Marbella, a lovely picnic spot which in places is marred by a mess of plastic waste.

They collected several bags which were then recycled appropriately and because Rotary is about having fun as well as helping, they enjoyed a picnic of their own but made sure that their rubbish was disposed of properly.


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