Madrid Restaurant Owner Faces Heavy Fine for Exceeding Number of Customers


A RESTAURANT owner in Madrid faces a heavy fine from police for exceeding the capacity of people allowed inside the premises under Phase 1 conditions.

The Filandón restaurant in the Montecarmelo region of Madrid was found guilty of flouting the rules during Phase 1 of de-escalation from Spain’s State of Alarm.

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Even while the number of Covid-19 infections continued to rise in Spain’s capital, the restaurant owner allowed up to 280 diners inside the building, far more than the capacity allowed.

Nearby residents reported that children were also playing outside the restaurant, without any safety precautions in place.

Spain has taken a tough stance through its State of Alarm. Fines levied by the police exceeded €330 million in May, which has gone some way to supporting the country’s economy through the crisis.

Restaurants and bars across the Costa del Sol have been preparing for tourist arrivals for a number of weeks. The majority of owners are anxious to comply with new regulations to protect themselves, their patrons and their businesses.


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